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The Old English Anglo Saxon word 'seolfor' means silver. It is actually the word from which the name silver is derived.
Handmade in Warminster in Wiltshire ,These unique pieces have been crafted in sterling silver and hand finished.
Many Pieces of Jewellery are cast using the ancient technique of cuttlebone casting , this ancient art has been around for over 5000 years.

Each design is drawn and then hand carved in to cuttlebone and then molten silver is poured in.
Each time a cast is done the mold is then discarded as it is burnt in the process of contact with molten silver.
The results in every piece being unique and original.
Every piece is then carefully hand finished.

Hand Made Jewellery
Another example of our products.

Other pieces of hand made jewellery made using a variety of metalwork techniques, including detailed saw piercing, etching, casting and more are also available.


We can also create custom designs,Commissions undertaken.

Additional Options



Cuttlebone Casting
Cast Ring

Spiritual Jewellery
Moon Gazing Hare

I am very happy to work with you to design the piece of silver jewellery you would most like to own, or to design something special for a loved one or for a special occasion


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