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Silver's Mystical Properties


For eon’s silver has been the metal of choice for jewellery and 'objet de art' for most if not all mystical traditions. Used to 'draw down the moon' during pagan lunar ceremonies and to represent the goddesses Luna, Isis, Diana and Selena silver objects are said to empower the wearer or the user with psychic abilities and intuitive perception. Silver is also said to be calming and protective, and as money has been made of silver for 1,000's of years it is also said to draw money to the wearer.  

Silver is associated with the Moon and so the two are inseparable, when a person is wearing silver they automatically bring the moon with them wherever they go and can draw on and use the moon's power whenever they need. It is one aspect of the Great Goddess of All, and helps to keep her close at all times. Silver can reflect both the light of the moon and the sun and so can also work as a protective shield against negativity.


Tiny silver globes or beads can be worn to provide security and protection and protect against evil intent.


Wearing silver jewellery can be used to enhance psychic abilities and at the same time protect the wearer against being overwhelmed. Wearing silver while you sleep can help to give you psychic dreams, time travel or serve as an anchor during travel between one reality and another. It brings balance and energy to those who feel stressed by their increasingly busy, aggressive yang world.


Silver is a feminine element and can help the wearer whether male or female to balance their emotions and remain calm and relaxed.

While gold's power radiates outward, silver's radiate inward changing the wearer from within. Alchemists associated silver with the moon and the feminine and considered right next to gold in the hierarchy of metals.

It was thought to be the passive, feminine and the polar opposite to the active, male and sunlit (solar) metal, gold.

It was used in the ultimate merging of the opposites as gold and silver were symbols of the great male/female dichotomy, that of yin and yang, heaven and earth, black and white.

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